Learn everything about ingredients in cosmetic products with COSMILE®

  • Scan the barcode
  • Use the integrated text recognition
  • Enter the ingredient you are looking for directly
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Information at the point of sale

The COSMILE app provides answers to your questions when buying cosmetic products:

  • What ingredients are in the product?
  • What do the sometimes complicated names mean?
  • Why are these substances contained in the product? What are their functions?
  • Are there ingredients in the product that I have to avoid (e.g. as an allergy sufferer)?
  • Has the composition of “my” products changed?
  • What do the seals on the product mean?

What COSMILE can do:

The COSMILE app can be used to configure personal INCI filters, which can then be matched with product properties (ingredients).

  • Scanning the barcode on the packaging. After scanning, the user receives a list of the ingredients contained in the product.

If a product is not yet included in the COSMILE database,

  • the INCI reader can be used with the camera. The COSMILE app reads the ingredients using text recognition.
  • Alternatively, an ingredient name can be entered directly in the search mask.

Ingredients selected by the user in the INCI filter are marked as hits if they match.

For all ingredients, the user receives either a trivial or alternative name(s) or a description of the chemical structure as well as an explanation of their functions in cosmetic products.

Additional information is provided by the portal haut.de.

The personal product shelf can be managed under “Favourites”.

A convenient search function allows you to search directly for individual ingredients (by INCI name or trivial or chemical name) or for groups of substances.

The individual INCI filter can be set/changed as often as desired.

Here the user can pre-select substances to which he wants to pay special attention.

Especially for the management of “contact allergy” (exclusively in connection with cosmetic products) the filter option “contact allergens” is helpful. Ingredients of cosmetic products for which a potential allergic sensitization/reaction is known can be filtered to allow contact avoidance.

COSMILE at a glance

On the packaging of cosmetics, all ingredients are listed under the term “Ingredients”. The COSMILE app has a database that explains the nearly 30.000 ingredients (INCI names) in easy-to-understand language.

With the “scanner” of the COSMILE app, a smartphone can read the barcode on the packaging and thus offers concrete information on the ingredients and their functions in the product.

All ingredients contained in the scanned product are explained by a trivial or alternative name(s) or a description of the chemical structure and their respective function(s).

The user can mark ingredients to which he wants to pay special attention. With this function, the user is alerted to these selected ingredients during each product scan.

Especially for the management of “contact allergy” (exclusively related to cosmetic products), the filter option “contact allergens” is helpful to enable contact avoidance.

The user can also mark his “favorite products”. As soon as the composition of the product changes by the manufacturer, this is indicated in the COSMILE app. COSMILE also offers an information service concerning product recalls.

The COSMILE app is based on real product data directly transmitted by the manufacturer that is constantly updated and expanded. Advice from consumers or organizations is appreciated by the COSMILE team.

The app is free but still free of advertising. It is available for download for both iPhones and iPads in the Apple App Store and on Google Play for Android smartphones.

No login required, no collection of personal data.

In the section „FACTS“ critical topics on cosmetic ingredients are discussed on a scientific basis.